Vintage Wedding

Vintage style weddings and photography are always in high demand. Think old, classic, romantic. It could be that the entire wedding has a vintage theme, or just the photography (it usually looks best when the two work hand in hand). Much of our award winning wedding photography has been shot in a vintage style – often showcasing gorgeous vintage dresses and cars.

Country Wedding

Escape the concrete jungle and go rural for your big day. Country weddings are beautiful because they are set among nature, in gorgeous open spaces that you don’t always get in the city.

Glam Wedding
A wedding with wow-factor – that’s what glam is all about! These weddings can be moderately sized or extravagant, but the small details are what make a difference – a bold red lip, some glitz and luxury.

Destination Wedding
A destination wedding is perfect for those who want to escape the norm and turn their celebration of love into a holiday. It can be ANYWHERE – somewhere you have never been before or a location that you both hold dear.

Beach Wedding
Beach weddings are simply beautiful. There is something so calming and freeing about being by the ocean. They also often have an air of simplicity to them, perfect for couples who don’t align with a big, fancy wedding.