Mentoring With Shireen

Mentoring With Shireen


Are you struggling? Do you need help with your photography or photography business, whether in technique or skills or sales or motivating yourself and/or your staff?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any or all of the above then read on!

Why Shireen?

Shireen Hammond APP.L  M.Photog III

Quadruple Master of Photography.   Licentiate

Having always been fascinated by relationships and the Art of Photography, Shireen decided to change her life and career by re-inventing herself, going back to study for three years at the International College of Professional Photography and becoming a professional photographer on her 37th birthday! She is a mother of 6 and a grandmother of 5 – at the tender and fabulous age of 56!

Shireen, coming from a sales background and Robert a teacher and graphic artist (some would call him her better half) – launched Field of Vision Photography with a ‘bang’ in 2004.  Shooting over 200 weddings and a similar amount of portraits per year, from 2006 onwards.

They are a “dynamic duo” in the Wedding and Portrait Industry. Robert is a brilliant painter and Graphic Artist  and Shireen believes (because he told her so) that it is his wonderful artistry that brings her emotional captures to ‘life’.

Shireen has traveled Internationally and throughout Australia, training and educating fellow photographers through workshops and seminars, not only in the ‘Art of Photography’, but also in the ‘Business of Photography’.

Shireen has done this in her unique way of imparting ALL of her knowledge, willingly and without reservation – punctuated by tears and plenty of laughter!

Over the past 18 years, Shireen has honed her craft, capturing literally, over a 1000 weddings and even more portraits.  Her style of photography and meticulous attention to detail is inspiring. Her ability to masterfully paint with light and capture relationships with sensitivity, elegance and beauty, in often difficult environments with genuine time constraints, is undeniable.

She has been honoured to win countless awards over the years, nationally and internationally – including:

AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year 3 years in a row.
WIPM Wedding Photographer of the Year.
WPPI International – 3rd Place Wedding Bride Category.
Winner of the International Aperture Awards – Wedding Category

Most recently, she has won:

2014 AIPP Victorian Family Photographer of the Year
2015 AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year
2016 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year
2017 AIPP Runner Up Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year.

(Check out Shireen’s awards in the In the Media section of this website)

Shireen’s images have graced the front cover’s of International and National magazines such as Image Maker and Masters of Photography.  

She is a published author and is currently working on her 2nd book in the series.

Shireen was extremely proud to organize, along with Alice Bennett, the inaugural event “Celebrating Women in Photography” a phenomenal gala event held in conjunction with International Women’s day and especially loves working with, and helping women in the “business of photography”.

She is also proud to be one of the first women to be asked to be a Mentor by the late, great Ian McKenzie, in the AIPP Mentoring Program when it launched many years ago, and proudly served the members on the AIPP Victorian Council for 6 years.

“Much of the core advice I’m now giving others is what I learned from Shireen many years ago. I still say “no, but thanks for asking” when discounts are sought, I still smile when I answer the phone and I always check I have my camera bag when leaving a location.”


So How Can Shireen Help You?

So How Can Shireen Help You?

How has she managed to be a mum of 6 and have founded and grown one of Melbourne’s most respected studio’s for over 18 years, remaining a leader in the field?

Easy, by maintaining a standard of excellence, driven to giving customers an experience that is above and beyond. Utilizing skills and processes that she has studied, worked on and refined over the years and is more than happy to impart all of this to you, holding nothing back.

So…..whether you:

  • Are in love with photography and just want to increase your skills, whether an amateur or professional
  • Are needing a kick up the ‘you know what’ to get your business on the move
  • Need help with posing and / or painting with light
  • Need help with composition
  • Help with ‘In Person Sales’ or sales in general, ESPECIALLY if you hate selling anything!
  • Need help with setting up your work flow
  • Needing someone to look at your studio to help you increase potential sales
  • Need help setting up your price lists
  • Need help choosing products that your customers will actually want to buy
  • Need help with your entries into awards (choosing / printing / refining)
  • Need help with third party marketing
  • Need help getting more ‘bums on seats’
  • Need help learning how to upgrade portrait sales and gain repeat shoots and loyal clients
  • Need help upgrading wedding albums, without ‘selling’ anything
  • Need to learn how to shoot in ‘series’ – to increase sales
  • Need help to learn how to ‘Shoot to Sell’
  • Need help eating donuts (Yes, she was just checking if you were really reading! lol)
  • Need help in learning how to master pre-consultations that help turn your sessions into purchases
  • Need help in setting up the right studio displays to ensure your success
  • Need help in understanding what it takes to get repeat business
  • Need help acquiring solid referrals and wonderful word of mouth
  • Need help training your staff in all kinds of capacities – but most of all in giving your customers the experience they crave for, that in turn gives you solid, qualified referrals and loyalty
  • Need someone to believe in you, even when your not sure you believe in yourself
  • Need someone to help you with your pricing for portraits, weddings or commercial photography
  • Need someone to be accountable to
  • Need someone to help you get out of your own way
  • Need someone to help you get out of the rut you’re in
  • Need someone to analyze your business in it’s current state and give you ideas on moving forward
  • Need someone to help you take your photography to the next level
  • Need someone to help you set up your viewing and the sales processes
  • Need someone to help you set up your showroom or home studio
  • Need someone to help you pick the right samples that will resonate with your clients and help increase your sales
  • Need someone to show you how you can shoot to sell and actually make a decent living out of your hard work
  • Need someone to hold your hand and guide you to building a profitable business
  • Need someone to help you find the right direction, and to give you a little push
  • Need someone who understands this industry, inside and out, the pitfalls, the highs and lows and can give you SOUND advise on how to succeed in it long term. (As that’s exactly what I’m doing!)

 If any, some or all of the above resonate with you, then I’m your Gal!

So, let me ask you this, in all honesty, are you READY?  

1 Hour

$16500per hr

1/2 Day

$660004 hours

Full day

$1320008 hours

“She has so many ideas from pricing though to marketing and selling – all the things you need to be able to MAKE A LIVING from your photography because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how good your photography is if no one knows about it.”

Yes I’m excited Shireen! How Does It Work?

I’m happy to work with you on a personal one on one basis, or in a group, or in your studio with your staff for in-house training, or at my studio in Templestowe.

I live Rurally, Interstate or Overseas:  

No problem, Shireen can work with you over Skype, will drive to you, or you can fly her to where-ever you are in the world. (In fact, she’d quite like that) – travel fees and out of pocket expenses may apply.

I want an hourly rate:  

Shireen’s Hourly rate is: $165.00 per hour inc GST (yep you can get A LOT done in one hour when you FOCUS)

I want a day rate:

1/2 Day rate is: $660.00 for 4 hours

Full Day rate is: $1320.00 for 8 hours

(Yes that’s right, it’s still $165.00 per hour.  Why? Because I’m worth it).

I want ongoing mentoring / training:  

There are no contracts, you book in advance, and pay as you go.  You can have me for one hour or a number of hours or weeks or months or years! We work together to decide what you need.  

I want to book in a group:

You are welcome to get a group together, the cost will reduce depending on the number of people you have in that group.  I prefer not to take any more than 6 people at a time, but am open to discussion.

I want you to train my staff in the ‘Client Experience’ or ‘Sales’:

This is only done as the full day rate.  Happy to discuss your needs and work out the plan of attack accordingly.

All out of pocket expenses such as travel time, will be added to the day rate.

Shireen Says:

Whilst I jest, (because clearly I’m writing this) – I need to let you know that I take mentoring/coaching you very, VERY seriously, I thrive on watching you grow, in your photography, personally and in your business.  I have been very blessed, even though I have had many hurdles, big and small over my lifetime  and I understand from a personal point of view, having to re-invent yourself, adopt new habits,and struggle through growing pains to achieve your goals.

I genuinely LOVE teaching and giving back to those who REALLY want to learn to become the best photographer they can be, in this amazing career choice and in the process, increase their bottom line.

I can promise you this, that the value I will give you for your investment in yourself, will far outweigh the actual money you spend.  And the time and money that you’ll save and earn in your business, if you will allow me to guide you, will be tenfold.

If you allow me to join, encourage and teach you on your journey, you will have a mentor/coach who will hold nothing back and revel in your success. (Even when you are not paying me to!!).

I am an open book and I encourage you to make sure that you utilize your time with me, well.

I’m kind, patient, excited, full of idea’s, but tough and won’t put up with excuses. I will teach you how to FOCUS.

I will have you refining your business or up and running in no time, because I KNOW you need to make a living as quickly as possible, so you can live, or finally step out of your day job wholeheartedly, knowing you are going to “make it”.

Photography is not an easy game, but it can be (and has been for me) an extremely rewarding career with the right skills and some well founded encouragement and direction.

Let me help you grow faster and more successfully no matter what stage your business is in, as I have the knowledge, skill set and success in a still thriving business after 18 years, with loyal, repeat customers, to this day.

I don’t preach this stuff, I LIVE it…..  and I’m excited to share all my years of knowledge, blood, sweat, some tears and great successes with you. Please read a few of the reviews of past lovely mentoree’s I’m sure one or two or maybe even all of them, will resonate with you.


MY GUARANTEE to you, and YOURS to me

MY GUARANTEE to you, and YOURS to me

There are no “Quick Fixes” and I won’t lie, it will take some serious work on your part and mine.  But if you’re open to suggestions and are willing to roll up your sleeves with me, then as I mentioned before, I’m your gal!

If you are not 100% happy, after the first three sessions, I will happily refund your money, yes ALL of it.

No questions asked, and wish for you, only the very best.

However, if you love our time together, I will probably ask you for a review (and maybe even a referral)…

Ready to take the First Step?

Please call me on 0418 358 932 and lets set up a time for a 1/2 hour chat, (obligation free of course) see if we’re the right fit for each-other!  Or simply go to the bottom of this page and book yourself in a time for a ½ hour discovery session.


Shireen Hammond APP.L  M.Photog III

Quadruple Master of Photography

2016 AIPP Australian Family Photographer of the Year

2015 AIPP Victorian Wedding Photographer of the Year

2014 AIPP Victorian Family Photographer of the Year

“To this day I thank my blessings for having come across such a giving woman. Not only is she so generous with her knowledge, she always has the best intentions for whomever she deals with – clients, suppliers, “competitors” and especially her Mentorees.”

Ready to take the next step? You can either send us a message or check our availability and book directly.

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