Wedding Raves

Wedding Raves

Thank you for helping to make our wedding day a truly memorable and fun experience. Your professionalism, creative flair, and sheer enthusiasm were a vital ingredient to the success of the day. The quality of your work and personalised service were second to none. We could not have asked for anything more.

Cimi & Daniel

Sam and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a truly memorable wedding day. From our first appointment to our final photograph you managed to make us laugh and feel very special. You captured our special day like we could have never imagined, still speechless when we look through our album, so many months later.

Shireen, you are a wonderful person and an amazing photographer, who is passionate and very committed to her work. You took us to so many places, capturing memories that will last us a lifetime. Thanks again for your time, dedication, laughs, and amazing images, you are truly wonderful, and made our day one we will never forget.

Sandra and Sam

We are just writing to say thank you so, so much for being such a wonderful addition to our big day. We had so much fun having our photo’s done, you were so caring and thoughtful making sure we were enjoying ourselves and getting the shots we wanted. We could not get over how accommodating you were, making an unbelievable effort to make it to all the locations we had hoped for.

At those locations you had even better suggestions for photo’s. We adore the photo’s. Through all our wedding preparations the photography was probably our biggest stress, as we so desperately wanted perfect photo’s to keep, and we definitely got that. All family and friends have commented on the photo’s and the lovely job you did. We got it all. Portrait, arty, romantic, detail, church, family, location, all fantastic!

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for the beautiful photo’s and memories which we will treasure forever, and thank you for helping us have so much fun, being so caring and sharing our day. Huge Thanks!

Shelly and Adrian

I don’t think Joseph and I can thank you enough for capturing the beautiful memories of our amazing wedding day. We feel so honoured to have had you as our photographer and are blessed to have you as now as our friend. Your enthusiasm and fun spirit is infectious; your skill, commitment and professionalism is beyond belief and we credit your ability to remain calm and in control at all times.

As you know we recommend you to many of our family and friends and will continue to do so as we feel that no-one compares or comes close to your talent and images. However, in all honesty, our photos and gorgeous wedding album speak for themselves. If there’s any truth to the saying, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ then our wedding photos must speak volumes of your artistic flair and ability in having captured the true heart and soul of our wedding.

We’d like to extend a special thanks also to the studio staff for their support and for making the Field of Vision experience so wonderful. Thanks again for the memories that will last a lifetime, we sincerely wish you all the future success that you deserve. Lots of Love ox

Rima and Joseph

Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding photo’s and our amazing album! They have truly exceeded our expectations! Not only are you an incredible and passionate photographer – you have such a fun and vibrant personality and helped make our special day so enjoyable!

Thank you for all your time and effort you dedicated to us – especially when it came to designing our perfect album. Words can not describe how grateful we are to have such a truly beautiful record of our wedding. We will cherish it forever.

We would not hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends and family and hope that you will be able to capture future important events for us. Thanks a million!

P.S. I’m sorry for my tardiness – we’ve been too busy showing off our album!!

Celeste and Tim

We just wanted to say a big thank you for our beautiful Wedding Album. Everyone we show loves it and is blown away by it’s quality. Shireen throughout the whole process you were wonderful. So friendly and helpful from the beginning and fabulous on the Big Day!

We will never forget you and look forward to seeing you again when you come and take some pictures of us and our baby on the way!! Thanks again and take care.

Tarryn and Anthony

Thank you soooo much for being such an important part of our wedding day! Not only did you capture our day in the most beautiful way with the photos that we will cherish forever, but you were a big part of making the day as enjoyable as it was!

We feel truly honoured to have had you with us on the day and both thank you from the bottom of our hearts xxx

Samantha and Daniel

Portraits Raves

Portraits Raves

I’ve always been nervous in front of the camera (like many mums), and my son was at a temperamental age when we booked in to have our photos so I was concerned about how our session would go. but Shireen and Rob were amazing and made the entire session so much fun, the kids LOVED it!! They didn’t want to go home.

Shireen even showed my 6 year old daughter a few tips with a camera, she made me feel at ease in every shot, & Robbie had my son giggling the whole time.

The result from our super fun day is a stunningly gorgeous collection of images that we have up in our home. We’ve had so many compliments from friends and family about the images, and the kids really love having our family images on display. By far the best investment we’ve made & can’t wait to make more throughout the years.

Love Natalie, Pete, Sofia and Michael

Natalie, Pete, Sofia and Michael

Oh Shireen, thank you for always always ALWAYS coming up with the goods!!! Haha! You are the best and I wouldn’t trust anyone else! Gosh I let you photograph my half naked pregnant body!!! No one else could do that!!” Love Lyndell and Shaun and Annie xxx

Lyndell, Shaun and Annie

After our inquiry into having a family session, Shireen promptly and proactively got the ball rolling with such energy and professionalism, which led to a seamless, stress free and delightful experience. We have a 9 month old daughter and it is easy to stress out over whether our daughter would smile, interact and be comfortable with the Field of Vision team. I am so ecstatic, after the fact, to report that Shireen and Rob know exactly how to interact with a child to make them feel safe, at ease and have fun. By the end of our photo session our daughter only wanted to play with them. They did whatever it took to make our experience easy and a beautiful memory that we will carry with us for a lifetime.

Thank you for your dedication and love of photography as an art. We not only have beautiful art work of our family but a lasting precious experience as well.

Matty & Rachel

Mentoring Raves

Mentoring Raves

I met Shireen through the AIPP Mentoring scheme in 2012, nearly two years into my photography career when I had gotten the basics down pat like camera control, website and portfolio. Yet I hadn’t a clue how to run a business in real life (even with a business degree), especially not a photography one.

Doing the mentorship program with Shireen really accelerated my learning. Having run a few business before, Shireen is a NATURAL at business in the real world.

She has so many ideas from pricing though to marketing and selling – all the things you need to be able to MAKE A LIVING from your photography because at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how good your photography is if no one knows about it.

Her ability to visualise is amazing. I still remember one of our mentoring sessions was done at someone’s studio who had a high street shop front. She managed to turn around that shop front from a dull looking studio that simply had easels with frames on them to a cosy little haven filled with sofas, plants, lamps rugs and photography hung in the background so it looked so inviting – and this was all using stuff the photographer already had, simply rearranged.

Similarly, with my home studio, she mentally redressed it within the first 15 minutes of walking in. To this day, I still have the soft furnishing ideas Shireen recommended and not only do I love the space, my clients do too and I always get comments.

This visual creativity also feeds into her photography and she’s able to create visually stunning shots. I saw a lot of this during the times I assisted her in weddings and you only need to look at her numerous awards to know she’s one of the leaders in the field.

As a mentor, she is able to unblock things in your mind that hold you back from progressing both professional and personally and like all good mentors, they end up becoming a huge influence on your life, especially personally.

To this day I thank my blessings for having come across such a giving woman. Not only is she so generous with her knowledge, she always has the best intentions for whomever she deals with – clients, suppliers, “competitors” and especially her Mentorees.

She made me realise you can get ahead with kindness. I honestly feel as if her mentorship not only improved my business and photography but also me as a person.

Chamilka Jayawardana
CJ Photo Escapes and CJ Photography

Chamilka Jayawardana

I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to join a photography mentoring group run by Shireen Hammond back in my second year of my photography business.

The regular meetings and support were beyond my expectations!

My time learning from Shireen was so pivotal to the impact my business, especially in these scary first few years.

Shireen was so humble and spoke always from the heart – her generosity in sharing her experiences and knowledge in the photography industry was nothing I had ever experienced before.

She was so open, attentive and extremely encouraging to all of us in the group – I know I would not have made it to where I am now – my 8th year of business, without these beautiful mentoring sessions.

Thank you Shireen, your words of wisdom are often in my thoughts as I face challenges and setbacks in my business. You helped me focus on one aspect of my photography while my people skills and intuition evolved. You are a big reason for my ongoing success in photography and some days I wished I still lived in Melbourne so I could hug and see you more often.

Much love!

Donna Nugent

Donna Nugent

Joining Shireen’s mentoring group was the single decision that had the most effect on moving my business forward. Before that, I had attended many workshops and I really struggled to joing the dots between the “it’s simple, just do this” that I was hearing and the difficulty of dealing with real life clients. The “real” people I was meeting wanted their photography quickly and cheaply. What I learned most was that expecting that perfect client to just land at your door wasn’t the way to go – that finding the right clients and building the relationship from start to finish took hard work – lots of it. Shireen has a background in retail and a real no nonsense approach – most of our group (myself included) had a list of excuses as to why we weren’t moving or businesses forward but Shireen wouldn’t have any of it – we got a good kick up the arse every few weeks. I knew that I had to get some results for when I next met Shireen and that accountability was what I needed. It’s not all “stick” though, there’s some “carrot” there too as Shireen would help us celbrate our business milestones. And that’s what building a sucssesful busines is about in the end – those steady incremental wins. Improve and go again.

The first steps that I took into actually finding the right clients, converting them and managing them through the process were key to me building a successful business. Once I’d done it a few times and got feedback from Shireen I developed the confidence to drive forward and within a year I’d quit the day job and turned a full time professional. I’ve been running a busy wedding photography business now for six years and have now started doing my own workshops. Much of the core advice I’m now giving others is what I learned from Shireen many years ago. I still say “no, but thanks for asking” when discounts are sought, I still smile when I answer the phone and I always check I have my camera bag when leaving a location. Thanks for the help Shireen and the kick up the arse – I’ve never forgotten it!

Paul McGinty
Chief Clicker

Paul McGinty

I literally fell into photography as a profession, a passionate hobby developed into a career.

I had the skills behind the camera and dealing with people, but little business acumen. I was also trying to work out whether or not pursuing photography would be viable ……..and then along came Shireen.

Shireen is a very generous mentor, I always felt that my success would be her success.

She enabled me to clear the fog, find my core business and take the steps to pursue it.

In more practical day to day stuff, help with pricing structures, marketing etc was invaluable.

I loved our Shireen sessions, I always came away feeling energised and buzzing with possibility.

The best thing about Shireen sessions is Shireen, you want your world to be filled with Shireens – honest, generous, warm, genuine, positive, passionate and enabling people.

You must have had a big effect, as I am still a working photographer!

Love Mandie
Amanda Gillot Photography